March 2015

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  1. President's Message
  2. Editor's Note
  3. Registration Now Open For WASLA Annual Conference 
  4. April is World Landscape Architecture Month
  5. 2015 Seattle Design Festival and PARK(ing) Day Announced!
  6. WASLA Seeks Jurors For UW Students
  7. Seeking WASLA Volunteers For a Community Design Charrette
  8. The Washington Landscape Architecture Seal - Time For a Change?
  9. Grant Jones, FASLA, Selected For the College of Built Environments Roll of Honor
  10. Support the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund for Landscape Architecture
  11. UW Landscape Architecture Internship/ Practicum Portal

Newsletter Editor

Stephanie Stroud


April 1, 2015
Living Future 2015 unConference

April 16, 2015
WASLA Happy Hour

April 24-25, 2015
Community Design Charette

May 29, 2015
2015 WASLA Annual Conference

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WASLA Executive Committee

David Stipe, ASLA, LLA

Immediate Past President
Courtney Landoll, ASLA

Curtis Lapierre, ASLA

Dean Koonts, ASLA

Member at Large
Laura Thompson, ASLA

Member at Large
Marieke Lacasse, ASLA, LEED AP

Member at Large
Juanita Rogers, ASLA


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President's Message
David Stipe, ASLA, LLA 

This month’s newsletter covers a number of topics, initiatives and events that represent a broad swath of what your membership organization does throughout the year.  The subject matter discussed this month is a perfect example of what the active members in the chapter do to advance the notoriety and enhance the practice of our chosen profession, landscape architecture.  Public outreach and support, professional development and mentoring of emerging professionals are some of the most important things we can due to ensure a bright future for our chosen careers. We can be more successful than we have in the past with an abundant and active membership that is passionate about the profession, its vigor and telling the world what we do.    

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Editor's Note
Stephanie Stroud

One of the beautiful things about landscape architects is their elegant ability to handle chaos. Planning, organizing, designing—all of these things come with their own element of unpredictability, and the landscape architect is able to step in and provide cohesion. The planning process is often lengthy, but if one were to condense it into a few hours or a few days, it may be what we often refer to as a “design charrette.” Used to facilitate fast-paced design and yield fertile ideas, the charrette of today often incorporates professionals, citizens, and interest groups, gathers them into a single room with lots of paper and markers and ample coffee, and allows them to communicate through quick graphics. It can seem like chaos, but to the trained eye, it is a place of high productivity, creativity and communication. 

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Registration Now Open For WASLA Annual Conference!

Friday, May 29, 2015 and Saturday May 30, 2015
Friday: Wenatchee Convention Center
Saturday: Field sites in/near Wenatchee, Washington

Engage with industry colleagues at the WASLA Annual Conference 2015! The two day schedule is packed with multiple opportunities for professional development, networking and overall celebration of the profession.

Review the complete schedule of topics ranging from discussions on sustainability to bringing designs to life with 3D graphics.

Advance registration rates are through April 29th; sign up today to take advantage of the discount.

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April is World Landscape Architecture Month

What is World Landscape Architecture Month?

ASLA, in informal collaboration with the International Federation of Landscape Architects, is excited to unveil World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) this April.  Formerly National Landscape Architecture Month, WLAM celebrates landscape architecture by reaching out to communities near and far.  For more information, visit

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2015 Seattle Design Festival and PARK(ing) Day Announced!


PARK(ing) Day will be Friday, September 18th, 2015.

The Seattle Design Festival will be held on September 11th – 25th, 2015. The festival theme for 2015 is Design for Equity. 

Check the newsletter for updates on both events from the Public Relations & Outreach Committee. To get involved, contact Lucas Vannice at [email protected]

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WASLA Seeks Jurors For UW Students

WASLA is looking for jurors to help with the UW Student Awards Juries coming up in May 2015.  Dates are as follows:

Wednesday, May 13th – 8:30am – 5:00pm Gould Hall – Local WASLA Awards - Jurors will be reviewing and discussing student work that is pinned up in Gould Hall.  Honor and Merit awards will be given.  Lunch is provided at the Faculty Club and coffee/snacks are provided via the Design Center Coffee Shop in the basement of Gould Hall.  This is a fantastic way to see student work and learn more about the students who will be entering the workforce.  It is also a fun event in which to reconnect with your fellow landscape architects.  Three to four jurors are needed for this session.

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Seeking WASLA Volunteers For a Community Design Charrette

Kendall, WA, April 24-25, 2015

Pictured above (from left) are Jerry, Shorty, and Vern, community residents and members of the newly founded non-profit Kendall/Columbia Valley Connectivity Plan Association, and Stephanie Stroud of the National Park Service. Kendall, an “urban growth area” of about 4,000 people, lies between Bellingham and Mount Baker, at the intersection of two busy state highways. Grassroots efforts in the area are now combining forces with the National Park Service and WASLA to plan a three-mile bicycle and pedestrian path that will bring safety, connectivity, and recreation to their small community.  

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The Washington Landscape Architecture Seal - Time For a Change?

A conversation at a recent WASLA Executive Board meeting included some very definite opinions on the size and configuration of our Washington landscape architect seal. The problem appears to be twofold: the stamp doesn’t fit in most standard title blocks and somehow the “Peace Tree” image in the seal design evolved into a tree with distinct little hearts in the branches which some licensees found objectionable. My old stamp doesn’t have the little hearts, but the newer official seal does.


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Grant Jones, FASLA, Selected For the College of Built Environments Roll of Honor

Please Save the Date: Recognition Ceremony is April 29th

The University of Washington College of Built Environments is pleased to announce the selection of two individuals to be added to the Roll of Honor located in the auditorium of Architecture Hall.

Selected for the Roll of Honor are Roland Terry FAIA, and Grant Jones, FASLA.  A celebration for the honorees will take place Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

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Support the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund for Landscape Architecture

For over four decades, Kenichi Nakano graced the Pacific Northwest with exceptionally subtle and inviting modernist design, generously contributed to community and civic life, and mentored generations of students and professionals of all disciplines.

On August 8, 2012, we lost our teacher, mentor, and friend all too soon.

Your gift in memory of Kenichi to the Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund will leave a lasting legacy and support outstanding students in the University of Washington's Department of Landscape Architecture.

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UW Landscape Architecture Internship/ Practicum Portal


UWLA PAC, Internship + Research Committee

The Landscape Department at the University of Washington has been working hard on providing its students with valuable resources that can better connect them with local employers for internships and practicum opportunities.

Prior to developing these resources we sent a survey to our local employer list to get feedback on what firms wanted and if they would use specific resources. We took this information and over the summer developed a space where employers can submit internships and practicums and positions to a page that is only accessible by our students...

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