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  1. President's Remarks
  2. WASLA 2021-2022 BOD Election Results
  3. 2021 WASLA Conference Registration Open
  4. Courageous by Design: Landscape Architects Confronting the Climate Crisis in New York City
  5. Current Job Postings
  6. Support Endowed Scholarships

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WASLA Board of Directors

Duane Dietz, ASLA

Past President
Tim Slazinik, ASLA

Marieke Lacasse, ASLA

Dean Koonts, ASLA

Jason Henry, ASLA

Member at Large
Kiwon Suh, ASLA

Member at Large, W. WA
Nicholas Zurlini, ASLA

Member at Large, E. WA
Steele Fitzloff, ASLA


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President's Remarks

Duane Dietz

Hello and happy autumnal equinox to everyone.  We are less than 20 days away from our annual conference in Spokane.  The Conference Committee has been hard at work putting together the sessions, coordinating booths and tables with our fantastic sponsors and exhibitors, and making sure that the Spokane Convention Center will ready to go on October 8th.  We will have a cadre of WSU students attending, so an opportunity to say hi to our future members.  More information is in the newsletter below.   I hope to see as many of you there as possible.  


Duane Dietz
WASLA President

WASLA 2021-2022 BOD Election Results

2021-2022 WASLA Board of Directors Election Results are in!

Voting closed and we are proud to present the newly elected members of WASLA's Board of Directors:

  • Nicholas Zurlini, ASLA, President-Elect, term ends fall 2023.
  • Jonathan Smith, ASLA, Eastern Washington Member-at-Large, term ends fall 2022.
  • Mike Faulkner, ASLA, Western Washington Member-at-Large, term ends fall 2022
  • Maureen Colaizzi, ASLA, State-wide Washington Member-at-Large, term ends fall 2022.

Nicholas Zurlini, ASLA

Growing up in Spokane and graduating from the University of Washington in 2019, Nick has a thorough understanding of both sides of the Cascades. While he was completing his BLA, Nick served as the Co-President of UWASLA and since then has remained involved with the Landscape Architecture community.

For the past two years, he volunteered as WASLA's Western Member at Large, contributing to both the Student and Emerging Professional's Committee and UW's Professional Advisory Committee, and he has mentored for ACE, hoping to inspire the next generation of landscape architects. Nick also serves on the ASLA’s Associate Advisory Committee, lending a voice to the emerging professionals within the ASLA. Additionally, over the past year, he has worked with fellow Olmsted Scholars from around the country on the LAF's Green New Deal Superstudio, believing that our profession has the potential to bring positive, large-scale change to our built environments.

Although Nick is an emerging professional, having been in practice for two years, he views this as an opportunity. An opportunity to bring new outlooks, practices, and frameworks to our industry and WASLA. Landscape architecture can champion more for our communities; youth outreach, safe public open spaces, climate change, and environmental justice are all within the scope of our profession and all causes that Nick is passionate about. With support from the members of WASLA, he hopes to turn these passions into actions. 

Jonathan Smith, ASLA

Originally from Montana, Jonathan began his professional life as a middle school and high school English teacher. Eventually, his passion for nature and the outdoors prompted him to re-enroll in college at the University of Idaho’s College of Art and Architecture. Jonathan’s approach starts with viewing landscape design as a system—a set of separate elements that each have a bearing on all the others. This approach is guided by his perspective that simplicity is key to achieve a successful design where form follows function. Jonathan enjoys designing with plants and thinking about construction details for landscape elements.

One of the main reasons Jonathan would like to represent eastern Washington is student engagement and the chance to create and promote prospects for student/professional engagement.  UI and WSU are both located in the same rural region of the country where opportunities for students are scarce, and he would like to be part of an effort to create more occasion for interactions between eastern Washington professionals and WSU students. Jonathan wants to advocate for more marginal groups within Washington’s LA community in the hopes that WASLA can provide direction to relevant educational and professional opportunities for all members. He wishes to promote landscape architecture as a part of a larger solution - relevant to eastern Washington: namely solving issues of dwindling resources, mitigating stormwater/pollution, and wildfires.

Mike Faulkner, ASLA


I’m a PLA with 20 years of experience designing public projects across the western United States including AZ, CA, CO, ID, TX, UT & WA. As a landscape architect, I’ve always strived to place an emphasis on leading a holistic, collaborative and fun design process towards creating projects that represent the uniqueness of our communities while also enhancing well-being. Recently, I’ve found myself advocating for more dynamic parks and community public spaces as a means of creating more resilient and equitable places to live. I’ve enjoyed working with local non-profits to design, build and fund community gardens and gathering spaces, and am always looking for opportunities to get involved and lend my design expertise.

Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed mentoring landscape architecture students and emerging professionals. I’ve found myself inspired by their creativity, optimism, and commitment to sustainability which is helping to advance our profession. I believe this would be a great opportunity for me to work with the Student and Emerging Professionals Committee, WASLA Student Chapter, and University professional advisory councils as a Board of Directors liaison. 

Maureen Colaizzi, ASLA

Maureen's dedication and commitment to stewardship has led to a nearly 30-year career in public practice. A graduate from Penn State University's Landscape Architecture program, Maureen began her career in Florida working for Walt Disney World, the Cities of Orlando and St. Petersburg as well as Hillsborough County. After attending the 1998  ASLA National Conference in Portland, Oregon, she moved to the northwest and has gone on to work for four Western Washington cities: Vancouver, Seattle, Shoreline and Kenmore. Along the way, she has played a leading role in ASLA. In Florida, she was the Tampa Bay Section Chair 1995-97. In Oregon, she was the Oregon Land Magazine Editor/Writer for the Oregon Chapter from 2000-2001. 

In Washington she was Member- At-Large Western Washington from 2004-2005, President-Elect-President-Past President 2005-20007, and from 2007-2021 she was a member of the Member Programs Committee, the University of Washington Mentor and Juror for the Student WASLA/ASLA Awards. This year Maureen was elected to serve on the ASLA Public Practice Advisory Committee to develop and recommend strategies and programs to ASLA to: increase awareness of the value of built and natural public landscapes; identify and promote opportunities for collaboration among public and private practice landscape architects; and encourage students in landscape architecture programs to pursue careers in the public sector. 

This service opportunity would provide a local connection to the profession. With my past ASLA service experience, I believe I can strongly represent a cross-section of our state's regional membership and act as a good liaison for the "Student & Emerging Professionals" Committee. 

2021-2022 Board of Directors New Slate 

(starts November 22, 2021)

Nicholas Zurlini, ASLA,  President-Elect - term ends 2023

Duane Dietz, ASLA, Past-President - term ends 2023

Marieke Lacasse, ASLA, Trustee - term ends 2023

Dean W. Koonts, ASLA, Treasurer - term ends 2022

Jason Henry, ASLA, Secretary - term ends 2022

Jonathan Smith, ASLA, Eastern Washington Member-at-Large, term ends fall 2022.

Mike Faulkner, ASLA, Western Washington Member-at-Large, term ends fall 2022

Maureen Colaizzi, ASLA, State-wide Washington Member-at-Large, term ends fall 2022.

Congratulations and we look forward to working with the newly elected directors!

WASLA Office

 2021 WASLA Conference Registration Open

October 8, 2021
Spokane Convention Center
Spokane, WA

Registration for our 2021 WASLA Conference is open! Don't miss this opportunity to earn professional development hours, make important connections that help keep your career goals on track, and celebrate the profession in the transforming city of Spokane!


Call for day-of volunteers at the Spokane conference

4 room hosts

Primary functions are to assist session presenters, as well as welcome and assist attendees, and keep the session running on time. You will be given instructions on all responsibilities during a short training session on the morning of the conference. Responsibilities will include working with presenters and make sure they are at ease with the AV, introducing the lead presenter and announcing the sign in sheets/recording attendees and issues that may have arisen. Room hosts will usually cover one room for the day and stay within that room/tract.

1 roaming host in foyer

Primary function will be to make sure attendees have what they require to attend sessions, understand the schedule, know where to go. You will be given instruction on all responsibilities during a short training session on the morning of the conference.

Please contact the WASLA office at [email protected] if you're interested in volunteering. Note that the conference registration fees will be waived for day-of volunteers.

Courageous by Design: Landscape Architects Confronting the Climate Crisis in New York City

Register now for Courageous by Design: Landscape Architects Confronting the Climate Crisis in New York City on October 15. How is a world-class city dealing with a worldwide threat? This daylong symposium, presented by The Cultural Landscape Foundation, will feature leading women landscape architects, as well as allied professionals, whose work is creative, courageous, and timely. These practitioners are inventing and deploying new tools, techniques, and technologies to meet the challenges of the current climate crisis in New York City and beyond. 6.0 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees, pending approval

This inaugural Oberlander Prize Forum coincides with the announcement of the first Cornelia Hahn Oberlander International Landscape Architecture Prize laureate(s).

Speakers include: Elizabeth Meyer, Martha Schwartz, Heather M. Morgan, Kate Orff, Lisa Switkin, Signe Nielsen, Billy Fleming, Edwina von Gal, Barbara Wilks, John Beardsley, Annette P. Wilkus, Amy L. Freitag, Miranda Massie, Olivia Georgia, and Rebecca McMackin


Current WASLA Job Postings


Job Title
Post Date

Parks & Trails Planner (Project Planner)

City of Newcastle 09/20/2021

Mid Level Landscape Architect / Mitigation Designer

 Talasea Consultants Inc.   09/03/2021

Senior Urban Designer

GGLO 09/02/2021

Landscape Architect

GGLO 09/02/2021

Landscape Architect

HBB Landscape Architecture 08/24/2021

Landscape Designer

Mackenzie 08/23/2021


 Support Endowed Scholarships

Ken Struckmeyer Student Scholarship Endowment Fund

Kenichi Nakano Endowed Scholarship Fund for Landscape Architecture
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