Kiwanis Methow Park

Project Title: Kiwanis Methow Park
Landscape Architect: Site Workshop
Category: General Design, Public Ownership
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Wenatchee, WA

The revitalization of Kiwanis Methow Park transformed a 1.3-acre park into the cultural and social heart of the neighborhood, empowering a community that had long been underserved. The project began with a robust participatory design process, engaging neighbors, local business owners, and community leaders in a series of conversations to define a park program. What rose to the top was a desire for a park that reflected the culture of this primarily Mexican immigrant community and would provide a place for everyday recreation and a yearlong calendar of community events and celebrations. The park design takes advantage of the existing topography and mountain views to create three terraces focused on play, community gathering and sport. At the heart of the park, a Kiosko brings community members together for events, performances, and outdoor learning. Key to the design of the park was the integration of artworks that tell the story of the migrant experience in our country. These murals and art panels tell untold stories and celebrate the contributions of this important community.

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