Jackson Apartments

Project Title: Jackson Apartments
Landscape Architect: HEWITT
Category: Residential Design
Award: Award of Merit
Location: Seattle, WA

This large multi-family development was built upon a vision to create an eclectic and vibrant community that would be a reflection of the past, present and future of the Central District neighborhood. The project realizes the community’s desire for the site to “breathe green” with its extensive network of open spaces and lushly planted midblock pedestrian corridor that features opportunities for public art and play.

The early conversations with the community informed the design process throughout. Those conversations yielded a series of tenets that were carried through to the final construction:

•Represent the African American Community without cultural appropriation. Who are we?

•Structure the site to be a multi-generational hub and part of the neighborhood social infrastructure, both within the site and as it is connected to the broader neighborhood. Why are we?

•Make the site overtly designed to be restorative. How are we?

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